For sisters Natasha and Jessica, the idea for a lifestyle platform dedicated to women’s health grew from a moment of shared inspiration during the most important journeys of their lives …

By 2018, Natasha had been through several rounds of gruelling, unsuccessful IVF, and was left desperately wondering what else she could try to increase her chances of getting pregnant and bringing home a healthy baby.

Medical specialists repeatedly told her there was nothing more she could do, but she simply wasn’t prepared to accept this. She started researching and talking to different professionals and found that by changing her diet, taking the right nutritional supplements, and changing all the personal, household, health, and beauty products she used that could be negatively impacting her egg quality and general health, she could improve her fertility naturally.

In 2019, having made significant lifestyle changes, Natasha and her partner gave IVF using Natasha’s own eggs one more try, and the difference was remarkable! Natasha had a healthy little girl in November 2020!

Inspired by the multiple health benefits she observed in her sister, Jessica also started to make significant changes to her own lifestyle, and quickly fell pregnant naturally. She couldn’t believe the differences between this pregnancy and her previous two, nor the health improvements noticeable postpartum for both herself and her new baby boy.

Making these lifestyle changes was undoubtedly worthwhile, but there was no denying it had been a massive undertaking to find beauty and lifestyle products that were truly lovely and free from potentially harmful ingredients, as well as tailored health products and advice for women trying to conceive.

Natasha complained to Jessica about how frustrating it was that all of this couldn’t be found in one place. That’s when the idea of FertiliBox – a subscription box service, information hub, and one-stop shop for anyone wanting to improve their fertile health – was born!

Although FertiliBox received rave reviews, the sisters were increasingly being approached by women at different stages of their lives, all wanting to know whether lifestyle changes including targeted nutrition and reducing exposure to certain ingredients in their everyday beauty and lifestyle products could benefit them too. The answer was yes.

And so FertiliBox grew into Wellbeing Sisters, the online lifestyle platform solely dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of every woman, at every stage of womanhood. Because every woman deserves to thrive.