Natasha Gold

Wellbeing Sisters Co-founder and Director

Natasha discovered the benefits of conscious, clean living, targeted nutrition, and the true value of emotional wellness whilst on her own fertility journey. Prior to starting Wellbeing Sisters she spent 13 years working as a child and family therapist, and despite never having any intentions of changing careers, decided that Wellbeing Sisters was an idea that simply had to become a reality:

“After years of unsuccessful fertility treatment, I was desperate to find ways to improve my fertile health naturally. After extensive research, I totally overhauled my diet and removed all potentially fertility-damaging ingredients from my daily products. The change in my fertility and general health was phenomenal. I am now on a mission to help every woman make those small changes that will lead to big improvements in their health and wellbeing.”

Aside from managing the daily running of the company, Natasha focuses on finding and procuring clean beauty, health, and lifestyle products for the Wellbeing Sisters online shop and subscription boxes; building content and managing relationships with contributors and brand partners; and running Wellbeing Sisters’ social media platforms.

Originally from Brighton, Natasha now lives in Surrey with her partner Kris, and her loves include musical theatre, conscious beauty (of course), and her gorgeous dog Poppy – who has her own instagram account.

Jessica Conrad-Pickles

Wellbeing Sisters Co-founder and Director

Jessica spent 16 years in the structured finance and S/EIS space, raising funds from high net-worth individuals and corporates for several leading alternative investment houses – providing her with diverse exposure to multiple investment sectors. In 2010, she established and successfully ran her own specialist media investment company, consulting for financial advisors, accountants and private banks.

In 2015, she took a break to start a family, but when she and Natasha came up with the idea for Wellbeing Sisters, she decided it was time to put her extensive expertise to more meaningful use:

“After experiencing the benefits of clean living during my most recent pregnancy, and seeing the difference I believe it made to my son’s health, I could never go back. I can’t wait to introduce the Wellbeing Sisters lifestyle to every woman, and to share all the amazing information and beautiful products we are discovering that will help those making these changes themselves find it a pleasure – not a chore.”

Jessica focuses on procurement, building brand partnerships, marketing, and business development, as well as the corporate, legal and financial side of Wellbeing Sisters.

When she’s not looking after her three children, or undertaking a major house renovation, she and her husband Harry enjoy live music, socialising with friends and wine tasting (and drinking!). Jessica also has a dog called Diesel (who sadly doesn’t have instagram).

Aimée Longos

Wellbeing Sisters Consulting Editor

Aimée has a background in Forensic Psychology, working as a family therapist before becoming an editor for Penguin Random House. Specialising in non-fiction, she has edited bestselling books from world-class experts in their field. Most recently she has worked on titles covering natural remedies, parenting, and mindfulness, in addition to writing wellbeing pieces for various online platforms and publications.

Aimee was thrilled to join Wellbeing Sisters where she can combine her editorial and writing skills with her passion for helping people to improve their wellbeing:

“We all want to live well, and Wellbeing Sisters is a real powerhouse when it comes to educating and enabling women to make cleaner product and lifestyle choices that are tailored to their individual life stage.”

Aimée currently lives in the Manchester with her partner Garreth, and excitable dog Mindy. She works as a freelance editor and writer, and in her spare time enjoys travel, country music, red wine and yoga (although not necessarily in that order).

Megan Hawkins

Wellbeing Sisters Marketing Manager

Megan has a background in events and hospitality. Having previously managed her own bakery and café, she knows exactly what it takes to start a business from scratch, and is experienced in all of the behind-the-scenes mechanics involved in running a start up. When she decided a career change was in order, working with a newly established business to help them make their start up a success was high on her list.

“I love working at Wellbeing Sisters – each day brings something new and exciting. It’s also really rewarding to be part of such a passionate team who share my own values.”

Megan’s role includes a ‘bit of everything’ from packaging orders, handling the accounting  and customer service, to building brand partner relationships, content planning and managing the social channels.

In her spare time Megan enjoys singing with Guildford Jazz Choir, cooking, going for long walks in the countryside, and hanging out with her (adorable) cat, Twiggy.