Dr Larisa Corda

Wellbeing Sisters Consulting Doctor

Dr Larisa Corda is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who specialises in fertility and regularly appears as the resident expert for ITV’s This Morning.

She believes in treating patients holistically, and has launched her own unique approach to fertility and pregnancy called The Conception Plan: a comprehensive and natural programme that encompasses several major pillars of wellbeing – from nutrition and fitness, to stress-reduction and clean living.

Dr Larisa firmly believes that no matter what stage of life a woman is at, tailoring health and lifestyle choices is fundamental for achieving optimum wellness:

“Wellbeing Sisters’ personally tailored, clean-living philosophy that focuses on both physical and emotional wellness aligns perfectly with my approach to treating patients. This is why I’m delighted to join the team as their appointed doctor. I want to help make sure every woman has access to information about how to optimise their health and wellbeing at every stage of their life – and of course, knows where to find gorgeous, clean products as well.”

Larisa is a passionate women’s rights advocate, as well as a total bookworm. In her spare time she loves to cook, sing and dance, and is obsessed with sustainable fashion (and skyscraper heels!).

Melanie Brown

Wellbeing Sisters Nutritionist

Mel holds a BSc (Hons) in Nutritional Therapy, an MSc in Nutritional Medicine, and has been specialising in women’s nutrition for over 19 years. Her career includes time spent at the Zita West Fertility Clinic, The Healthy Holiday Company, and Dr Jane Benn & Associates. Mel set up Melanie Brown Nutrition 11 years ago, specialising in fertility, and currently works with clients all across the globe advising them on diet and lifestyle.

She is passionate about Wellbeing Sisters’ mission to support every woman to improve their health through targeted and tailored nutrition, as well as finding lifestyle and beauty products that are clean, conscious, and utterly luxurious:

“I absolutely love working with Wellbeing Sisters and I’m thrilled to be on a team that is helping to develop an all-female community where every woman, no matter their age or life stage, can go to find advice, support, and tried-and-tested health and wellbeing products.”

Based in London, Mel is self-confessed makeup addict, avid hiker, and Scandi-thriller lover. She enjoys making all-natural facial oils and is currently developing a stretch mark oil.

Tahira Herold

Wellbeing Sisters Beauty Expert

Tahira is a makeup designer, makeup and hair artist, and beauty writer who specialises in using natural, organic and ethically made beauty products. She is also a founding member of Conscious Beauty Union – which educates professionals, businesses, and consumers on the benefits of conscious beauty.

With a passion for green living, Tahira is a beauty brand ambassador and the face of several campaigns including Dr Hauschka, Acala Online and Glow Organic. She joined the Wellbeing Sisters team driven by her mission to bring cleaner and greener beauty to every woman:

“We are faced with a barrage of daily pollutants which are beyond our personal control, but what we can take charge of, we should aim to keep cleaner and healthier. What is better for the planet is also better for our personal health.”

Tahira was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, and moved to London in 2006 where she currently lives with her husband and young son. She speaks five languages and is partial to a refreshing Gin and Tonic every now and then.