Sarah Banks

Fertility Coach

Sarah Banks is a fertility coach and mentor who works with clients that are struggling to conceive. Using the experiences of her own 6-year infertility and IVF journey, Sarah helps women and couples to manage their anxieties around TTC. Working to identify other areas of their lives that may have become neglected during this stressful time, she helps individuals to develop coping strategies that can be used when going through treatment, and focuses on enabling each person to reach their best emotional, state ready for conceiving.

Sarah has also written a coaching journal, ‘The IVF Positivity Planner’, which she has created to support and guide people through the challenges they may face when TTC and going through IVF. She also runs online and face to face support groups, which anyone TTC is welcome to join for support and wellbeing advice.

Lisa Conway-Hughes

Financial Advisor

Lisa Conway-Hughes is a chartered independent financial adviser. She is also a fellow of the Personal Finance Society (PFS)– the highest qualification a financial adviser can hold.

By day she works as a financial adviser at a wealth management firm in London, and as her alter ego ‘Miss Lolly’ she is a regular media commentator on women’s financial issues, and the go-to girl for tips and advice on female-oriented finance. To date, she has appeared in Stylist, Red, Glamour, Good Housekeeping Mother & BabyPrimaThe GuardianThe Financial Times and The Telegraph to name just a few.

Lisa is also the co-founder of Ladies Finance Club UK, where she shares her wisdom with a tribe of like-minded women, empowering them to take control of their finances. As part of the club, she also hosts a regular podcast featuring guest experts to help listeners get savvy about all things money.

Lisa lives in South West London with her husband and two children, and outside of work she loves trying out new restaurants and playing Sudoku. Her first book ‘Money Lessons: How to Manage Your Finances to Get the Life You Want’ was published in 2018 by Penguin.

Kate Davies

(RN, BSc (Hons), FP Cert)

Kate Davies is a fertility nurse consultant and IVF Coach who spent 20 years in the NHS as a specialist nurse and manger in sexual and reproductive healthcare before founding Your Fertility Journey: a support and advice service for women and couples who are struggling to conceive. 

She is a trained fertility coach, with a particular interest in PCOS – having worked with many women over the years suffering with this debilitating condition and additionally specialises in obesity and reproductive health. Kate works with clients up and down the UK, both face to face and via online video, to offer emotional support and high-quality medical advice on all things fertility and conception.

She also has a passion for radio and is a co-host on The Fertility Podcast, using this platform to help challenge the stigma surrounding infertility and IVF.

Jessica Ferrari-Wells

BA(Hons)(Oxon), DipION, mBANT, mCNHC

Jessica Ferrari-Wells is a registered Nutritional Therapist who studied at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition. She specialises in Women’s Health with a particular focus on hormone imbalances, problematic periods, fertility, pregnancy and postnatal recovery.

Jessica loves helping women to make sense of their symptoms and to understand how their diet and lifestyle may be affecting them, guiding them on the practical and simple changes they can make to take back control and achieve their goals.

Jessica’s background is in psychology, which she first studied at the University of Oxford. This love of psychology shines through in her practice, with much of her clinical work focusing on mental wellbeing and the impact of mindset on health. She is Chair of the Trustee Board for the Food for the Brain Foundation – a charitable foundation working to inform organisations and empower individuals to take great control of their own mental health.

Having also spent ten years working as a corporate lawyer, Jessica truly understands what a demanding and hectic schedule looks like, so her advice is always practical and realistically fits around busy lifestyles.

When not working with women, Jessica is also a mum to baby Oscar who keeps her very busy feeding the ducks!

Alison Fuller


Alison Fuller is a Reflexologist (Reproflexology™), Fertility Massage Therapist and Hypnotherapist who specialises in women’s health. She treats hormonal imbalance in relation to fertility, pregnancy, miscarriage and menopause, as well as many of the associated emotional and physical stresses that accompany these issues.

Alison can help if you are trying to conceive naturally, having trouble conceiving, preparing for IVF or have long term infertility and miscarriage history. She also addresses all hormonal related issues such as PCOS, Endometriosis, pregnancy anxiety and discomfort as well as general well-being. She firmly believes that true holistic therapy means treating clients on every level: emotionally, physically, and mentally – allowing change to occur naturally.

Alison is a member of The Association of Reflexologists (AoR), The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists (ARR) and on the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR).

Kirsty Harrison


Kirsty Harrison is a registered  Nutritional Therapist who studied at the London College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Kirsty specialises in Women’s Health and truly understands that in order to improve female health, any changes must realistically fit around the modern and busy lifestyles women lead. Kirsty works with her clients over a period of time, helping them to understand how their diet may be affecting their health, and equipping them with the right tools to make long-lasting and meaningful changes to improve this.

Kirsty works with women of all ages, including those with problematic periods, those trying to conceive, perimenopausal and menopausal women – and everything else in between. She is keen to help women better understand their hormones, and enjoys teaching them how their diet can support hormonal health.

When not working with women to enhance their health, Kirsty is also a mum of three energetic and inquisitive boys, so when she says she understands what it means to lead a busy lifestyle – she really does!

Siobhan Middleton

Siobhan Middleton is a fully qualified personal trainer, movement specialist and nutritionist who specialises in pre and postnatal fitness and applied functional science. She is passionate about helping women to improve their overall health and fitness levels and grow their body confidence.

Early on in her career as a personal trainer, Siobhan realised that many gyms and studios didn’t offer any specific training or support that enabled women to reach their fitness goals – including options for pre and postnatal clients. She noticed that this left many women feeling frustrated with their lack of results, leading to a negative mindset and an unbalanced approach to diet and exercise.

With this in mind, Siobhan set out on a mission to remodel the fitness industry for women, and in 2014 she founded London’s first female-only fitness club – Beattitude – which offers unique, effective and innovative workouts tailored specifically for women of all ages and abilities. Located in Earlsfield, Beattitude delivers an extensive timetable including HIIT, strength, core, mobility and yoga, as well as offering many classes online, which can be accessed anytime from anywhere in the world.

Anastasia Smith


Anastasia is a registered nutritional therapist who specialises in nutrition and its role in mental health and brain function. She is passionate about empowering people with the tools to take their mental health into their own hands, and has been working for a number of years with clients suffering from a wide range of psychiatric conditions, such as depression, generalised anxiety disorder, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Through her online signature programme Whole Mind Health, she works with clients to help them address the underlying drivers of the – often debilitating –  symptoms that are preventing them from fully enjoying their lives. 

Anastasia is also the communications manager for Food for the Brain Foundation, a charity that generates awareness about the importance of nutrition in brain health and mental wellbeing, where she heads up the charity’s content and marketing strategies.

Rosie Weston


Rosie Weston is a registered Nutritional Therapist who qualified from the London College of Naturopathic Medicine. Passionate about finding the root cause of her clients’ fertility struggles – whether that be helping support their PCOS or endometriosis, or looking to their genetics for clues – she specialises in helping women learn how to balance their hormones naturally.

Rosie empowers her clients to take control of their own health and make long-lasting and sustainable lifestyle changes. She is eager to teach women everything they should have been taught about their menstrual cycles but never were, and is a firm believer in reconnecting with the female body, both physically and psychologically.

Rosie enjoys getting inspired in the kitchen, often creating delicious new recipes to support her clients, and is a firm believer in trusting women’s intuition.